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"goals are not always about wearing a tiara, its about reaching for the crown..."Kristen weardon

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Since 1996 the Mrs.Globe pageant has been producing one of the most recognized and celebrated international pageants for misses in the world. We are a celebration of beauty, culture, and charity for women.

Past Host Countries Our Past:
Mrs. Globe has been hosted as a cultural and tourism event in the following countries: Mexico, Greece, Latvia, USA, U.S. Virgin Islands, Slovak Republic, China.

it's not just about the Tiara and Glitter

When people think “beauty pageants” they get a certain mental image based on what they have seen from watching them on TV or from stories in the news. There’s a certain kind of nose-in-the-air attitude and preconceived misconceptions and I’m here to say I understand that. But there is still a lot more to participating in pageants than most people can’t understand and you can’t get the right perspective unless you actually do it.

Firstly I’m here to tell you beauty pageants are fun.There is nothing like getting dressed up in pretty dresses and feeling good about yourself. As a young child, most of our favorite pastimes was playing dress-up, pretending to be a princess or a singer onstage. The glitzier, the better: velvet, taffeta, and silk, trimmed with beads, sequins and rhinestones. Pageants give you a time to dress to the nines, wear the sparkly jewelry, put your hair in an up-do, and enjoy the spotlight.

For me, participating in pageants gave me an opportunity to feel good about myself. I was a shy girl and my mother felt this outlet might force me out of my shell, do me some good. She was correct, I did thrive in the setting. I made friends for life, learned how to carry myself and I learned how to take the steps in becoming a well-rounded, strong, caring female. For every criticism that pageants aren’t  feminists enough and are degrading to women, I challenge these stereotypes with the proof I suffered no ill effects. On the contrary, I am a strong feminist that learned to catapult my success to another level. And I don’t judge others choices, from cleats to tiaras, knee pads to glitter, an activity is just another means of standing tall.

One of the simple reasons to enter beauty pageant is that somebody has to win and your chance of winning is as good as anyone else’s.  As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it. If you don’t enter, your chance of winning is zero! So have a go and see what happens – it could be your lucky day. My days spent in pageantry was no different then the kickball team I am presently on or chairing another fundraiser event ...just another way to get out there and socialize while feeling good to achieve another personal best.

“confidence is Beauty!”

The most important reason I can think of to enter a beauty pageant is learning that confidence makes you beautiful. And with the tools I have gotten from my experiences, I am able to juggle like the best of them and oversee change, and I grew confident in making choices. Not only did I get to travel to many countries, I got the opportunity to become involved with organizations who focus on helping young girls stand proud. Beauty is skin deep but confidences is a foundation. The better you feel about yourself, the easier to put one foot in front of the other in the direction of success.  

"Reaching for your Crown"

Goals are to be reached for... you may not always win but the satisfaction of reaching for our personal best is something that's learned from experience. You may not always win but the satisfaction of doing your personal best always makes you a winner. As a Life CoachI am well equipped to help others stretch to their potential.