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Kristen Weardon is a certified Life Coach and Motivational speaker who specializes in helping her clients transition in a matter of months rather than years so that they can live purposeful, joy-filled lives while sculpturing career goals. Having overcome life-altering business and personal decisions of her own and being certified as a  LIFE COACH has given her the tools to help others do the same. Today Kristen offers individual services, group programs and seminars. Her focus is on helping clients connecting the dots with coping skills and regrouping steps. In this day and age where life changes come at you fast and furious, having a well thought out perspective, a mapped out plan, and setting realistic goals is necessary. Kristen's proactive methods help others sort out the question marks and step in the right direction.

There are many details involved when it comes to buying and selling a home. Kristen has learned from the best of the best and knows all about getting a sale closed. She is connected with salespersons, managers and trainers all across the country and has become a master of communications and a source of knowledge to many. Whether it requires a great deal of negotiation to close a good deal or the wherewithal to "connect the dots" Kristen always puts her clients first and takes her role seriously. She has become a master of details and handles others needs quickly and professionally on their behalf.

Kristen had written and negotiated contracts for millions of dollars worth of business over a 25 plus year span and her clients often count on her knowledge and background to provide them with insight and direction in their real estate plans.

Kristen's Unique Selling Proposition  Funny and quick witted, Kristen's process is client friendly and in today’s real estate market it’s a tremendous advantage to create a complete, individually tailored comprehensive marketing game plan for every home.

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Kristen Weardon

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A high-energy super-connector rather than a mere networker, Kristen’s dynamic personality and wide-ranging contacts translate into unique and often unexpected opportunities for clients and those seeking focus in life.

 “Dealing with different personalities and interlacing opportunities is what I do best. When people come to me, they no longer have to flounder or feel stress. I’m most fulfilled when I’m making someone’s life easier. What do I tell clients? If you’re doing something for the right reasons, you’ll be a success.”

Kristen's  personal best is to help others achieve their personal best. Compassion is a by far the most important compliment to a person's career and being able to understand and make a difference is the first step Kristen looks for. 

With years of experience in performing, chairing events, speaking and in Real Estate,being around people is second nature to Kristen. She is active in her community and never misses a chance to be involved in various fundraisers and charitable events. 

Her expertise in juggling as well as her quick insight into problem solving comes from years of on hand experience and she is a trained strategists who is hired to help people assess their strengths, set strategic goals, and take steps to achieve success.