Life Coaching Benefits

***Create a vision for your life.

***Identify your values, strengths and goals.

***Move past your blind spots (we all have them)

***Create an efficient time 

Motivational Speaker * Life Coach

Business Development Consultant

Awareness--> Clarity--> Action

Kristen's works with a "whole life" approach to help her clients visualize and achieve their goals in whatever area of life those may be. The "whole life" approach also recognizes many aspects of your life that are interconnected. For example, what you pursue in your career effects your relationships, your health, your energy levels and so on.Through powerful coaching conversations, you will dig deep and clarify what you really want in these various aspects of your life. With that road mapin place, you can then create actionable steps to move toward your desired outcomes and stay accountable.The only thing required is commitment in making (big, scary, exciting) change in your life and to be ready to stretch beyond your comfort zones. 

WHO ... why......HOW

This is an easy one!  Everything about me is like a journey paved with stepping stones, a path forward falling eventually into place. Just like I tell all my clients, sometimes it's as simple as connecting the dots ... and sometimes its about moving a few around. 

I came to Naples, Florida at the age of 7 and have been here ever since. I love it here!  I have 2 wonderful children who are hands down my greatest accomplishment, who not only helped to prepare me for life's challenges, they honed my love for laughter and ability to guide.

Throughout the years I have been a lifelong humanitarian, philanthropist, mentor, motivational speaker and Realtor. Real Estate had been my first love and forte and I embrace my career with enthusiasm, high energy and confidence. My clients mean the world to me and I am encouraged and motivated by their success. 

Why do we do the things that we do? Because if it was so easy to change we would do it! A professional life coach can help you to uncover what is shaping and controlling your emotions and the choices that you make as a result of those emotions and thoughts.

Life is about experiences. That is it in a nutshell ...and I have always taken all my eclectic experiences at face value. That is the reason I became interested in pursuing a career as a Life and Business Motivation Coach. I realized how happy it made me that friends and colleagues felt comfortable coming to me for advice, and it felt so natural with my already vast experience. I can help others organize thoughts and wants in pursuing their needs, narrowing down the choices. In this day and age, when there’s so many opportunities to grasp on to, sometimes a nudge is all it takes to make dreams come true. My own life story is living proof that success is not about the resources but that being resourceful, and creative is the root of success. Sometimes it is all about getting out of your own way to embrace the future. Every person has a dream and no condition is permanent, learning how to connect the dots is often all that is needed. 

So for me, becoming a Motivational Specialist and a Strategist to Success has been a easy fit. I branched out into Business Development Consulting several years ago and specialize in Lunch and Learns and Team Building Strategy Seminars. Mentoring others to becoming the best they can be has not only been rewarding, its crafted my own skills when I see others succeed.

"Make it Happen" is my mantra and I grasped onto this mission statement early in life. I like to share these skills with all my clients. Positive thinking is a success story waiting to happen and I use tips like this to help successfully plan an outlook for everyone I work with. Sometimes pointing out small areas for changes is all that is needed to enhance the ones best attributes. No challenge is ever too big to overcome.  Together, we can explore your full range of options, help you envision new possibilities, and create a comprehensive plan to move you toward your dreams. Life is too short to play small!

Connecting people with the best choices available, whether purchasing a new home, buying the right business or in the direction of proactive personal decisions is what Kristen Weardon does best. It isn’t just a job to her – it’s a passion. Known as Naples’ ‘rainmaker’ who creates energy, connections and success stories wherever she goes, Kristen’s work in motivational healing, business development, real estate transactions and philanthropy are all guided by one overarching approach. 


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